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Rock climbing gym NO COMMENT

Is a modern bouldering gym located in the center of Sarajevo in Dom Mladih, Skenderija. It is designed for sport climbing and activities related to this sport, and we offer an area of 200m² with a white room in which we have an abundance of boulder problems of different difficulties and inclinations. Furthermore, we have a smaller room with a moonboard, campusboard, systemboard, and a small wall for lead climbing high 7m. Along with the rock climbing walls, we have a space for warming up, gymnast rings, and fingerboards. No matter whether you’re a beginner or experienced climber, the boulder gym NO COMMENT is the right place for you.


We are located at the address Terezija BB, 71000 Sarajevo in Dom mladih, centar Sarajevo Mapa

Radno vrijeme

Working hours We are open every working day: Monday 6pm-10pm, Tuesday 6pm-10pm (time slots for children), Wednesday 7pm-10pm, Thursday 6pm-10pm (time slots for children), Friday 6pm-10pm We are closed during the weekend. Price list: Adults, recreational: Climbing seesions without inctructor (link). One session of rock climbing: 10 KM Monthly membership: 60 KM A card for 10 sessions that isn’t limited to a certain time period: 80 KM Renting climbing shoes - 1 session: 5 KM Children (ages 4-18 years): First month membership: 70 KM Every other monthly membership: 50 KM With all the age groups for children we work continuously at least twice a week. All the equipment is provided in the club and all the age groups work with coaches. Boulder problems and routes Due to the fact that we currently finding it hard to organize all the boulder problems and routes by color some boulder problems of the same color are overlapping - here yis guide for boulder problems. Click if you want to see images of boulder problems We’ve sorted them by color and there are three categories: 1. L - Easy - up to 6a 2. S - Intermediate - up to 6b 3. T - Hard - above 6b