Climbing lessons – lead climbing


Climbing lessons - lead climbing

Price 150 KM The lessons are intended for everyone that wants to learn how to climb seafely and independently (lead climbing). This lessons are a next step of the beginner climbing lessons and are intended for those that already know how to properly tie knots and climb top rope. On our climbing wall you will learn safe lead climbing, belaying with automatic belay devices and safe falling. The course includes: • A refresher on the most important climbing knots, tying, proper communication and belaying from below and from above • Lead climbing • Safe falling • Belaying with automatic belay devices • Working with anchors that don’t have a carabiner on them The course consists of 5 practical training sessions lasting two hours each. The training sessions are organised five weeks in a row on the same day of the week. Attendance on the first training session is mandatory. The fifth and final training session includes a small exam in front of an instructor. All necessary equipment is provided by the club.